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Children's Business Fair

Sunday January 22nd
Boston Rhythmic Westborough
290 Turnpike Rd
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We have been hard at work planning our 1st Annual Children's Business Fair! The fair is the culmination of our Stripes Group's Entrepreneurship Unit, where the kids have learned how to plan and structure a business, market, research, and handle customers. The fair is also open to other homeschoolers, and children in the surrounding communities who have an entrepreneurial spirit and wish to participate! Anyone is welcome! If your young entrepreneur would like to participate in the fair, it is not too late to join us! Please sign up at the link below!​

We are expecting 30 young vendors at the fair, and we are so excited to see our entrepreneurs put their skills into action! Friends, family, neighbors are all welcome to attend the fair and support the kids! It will be an event to remember! Please remember to bring small bills :)

Our young vendors have been working hard creating their inventory, and planning all aspects of their businesses. Check out all the wonderful crafts, products, and services you will be able to purchase at the fair!

Admission to the fair is free, but if you plan to attend, please RSVP at the link below. It will help us plan the event :)

Our Young Vendors

Storm Art Studios

Bracelets and keychains handmade by 13-year-old Sofia. Beaded, braided, and more, Sofia has been making bracelets for 2 years, loves her craft, and is excited to share her creations with the community!

Brookie's Cookies

11-year-old Brooke makes the most delicious cookies, cake pops, brownies, and other sweet treats. Brooke has been an avid baker for 4 years, and her friends and family can attest to how delicious her treats are! Stop by Brooke's booth at the fair to have your tastebuds tantalized!


Fun Activity Babysitting

9-year-old Melayna has been babysitting her cousins for 2 years now. Her bubble personality makes her the favorite family babysitter and mother's helper, and she is excited to expand her services to others in the community. Visit Melayna's booth at the fair to do a fun craft, play a game, and have fun with her!


Fun with the Future

Ever wondered what lies in your months and years ahead? Everyone is curious about their future, so take a break from your shopping, and come get your future told with 11-year-old Salete! You will have fun with Salete's readings, and each participant will be entered into a raffle to win a special prize!

fun with the future_edited_edited.jpg

Bow Wow Dog Chow

Visit 12-year-old Steven's booth to treat your best doggie friend to some delicious home-made dog treats! Each bag of treats comes wrapped in a doggie bandana, perfect for your furry friend to use as a fun fashion accessory!


BestArt by Joshua


8-year-old Joshua’s passion for snakes and swords shines through his entrepreneurial spirit. Joshua thinks snakes are awesome, and will be selling hand-made clay snakes that kids can play with, or display with pride. Joshua also wants to spread his love of sword fighting and will have foam swords to sell. You might even be lucky enough to have him show you some sword-fighting moves!


Fun Fidgets Silly Slime


8-year-old Ivy will be selling fun fidgets and silly slime at our business fair. Ivy’s fun and spunky personality shines through in her products- she will be ready to serve you with a big smile on her face. Everyone loves smile and fidgets, so come and visit Ivy’s booth at the fair!


JJ Creations


Jasmin and Jaden are a power duo, and have teamed up to offer something for everyone! 7-year-old Jasmin is the craftiest kid you know, and spends her free time crafting jewelry, candles, soaps, bath bombs, and more! 4-year-old Jaden loves taking care of and washing his toy cars! Jaden will have toy cars, complete with car cleaning kits so that young enthusiasts can learn good car cleaning habits early!


Wick-Kid Candles by Ryan

Ryan started making candles last year when her grandfather gifted her a DIY candle making kit. She started by giving her candles to family and friends and then realized she might just have a business. She loves blending different scents and coming up with unique names for her candles. Her favorite scent is ‘Grandma’s Christmas Kitchen’ which she says smells like freshly baked cookies! She hand pours all her candles, which are soy and non-toxic.


Classes of Fun!

11-year old Henry and 8-year-old Sami are experienced gymnasts that have teamed up together to offer your child the most fun they've had in ages! Henry and Sami will be teaching gymnastics, breakdance, acrobatics, and illusion rings- so stop by to learn a new skill and have a few laughs! 

More young vendors being added as we receive information from them... check back soon for more!


The Hat Trick Soap Co

Crosby recently started making soap and loves the creative process. When he isn’t making soap, he is playing hockey or thinking about hockey! So naturally, the name of his soap company is related to hockey.


Greyson Cards


10 year old Greyson has been making cards for years. He loves making various kinds of cards for his family and friends, for all occasions. He will be selling greeting cards at the fair, for birthdays, Easter, and Halloween. Stop by Greysons booth to pick up the perfect greeting card for your next special occasion!

Brown Yellow Modern Birthday Invitation.jpg

The Little Light of Wine

7-year-old Sydney is a crafter who loves taking every day materials and turning them into works of art. Her creativity shines with her latest project - turning wine bottles into beautiful lamps. Whether you like white lights or festive colorful lights Sydney has a creation for you! Stop by her booth to buy a gift for yourself or for a friend. 


Mia's Creations

10-year-old Mia is a crafter who loves dragons, playing with her friends, and creating new things. Her creative spirit shines through in all the fun trinkets and art she makes on a daily basis. Come by Mia's booth for some hanna bead keychains, frames art, and more!


Red Creatives

15-year-old Hailey has loved art and anything that involves getting creative since she could pick up a crayon. What she is striving to do at Red's Creatives is to give kids new and exciting toys that has her own touch to it. She has customized small figures for a few years and has taken to selling them along with her drawn art and painted or handmade sets.


Maddie's Block People

Maddie will be selling Block People, which are wooden dolls that can be played with as dolls, or used to build!


Sunny Days Bracelets and Crafts

Ireland and Lena are avid bracelet makers, and will be setting up shop to display all their beautiful creations! Using clay beads, and kandi beads, you will want one of their bracelets to accessorize! 


Declan's Pokemon Cards

9-year-old Declan loves playing Pokemon. He has been playing Pokemon for 5 years. He has hundreds of cards including Vs, EXs, Vmaxs, and regular cards. He will be selling or trading his cards at the fair. Stop by to see all his cool cards, and chat about Pokemon!

pokemon (1).jpg

Crochet Curly

Olivia first picked up a ball of yarn and a crochet needle at the age of ten. She began creating designs from her imagination and creating unique gifts for family and friends. During distance learning in 2020, she kept her hands busy by crocheting while her teachers delivered lessons. She refined her skills and began envisioning herself creating crocheted gifts as her first job. Olivia enjoys crocheting whatever she is interested in which included fall pumpkins, Christmas gnomes, amigurumi, jewelry, and keychains.


Model Magical Creatures


Kaiah has been making dragons and other magical creatures for years. She takes art classes to refine her skills and uses her imagination and vast knowledge of mythical creatures to design them. Stop by and get one!


Bella’s Yarn


10-year-old Isabella loves crafting. She received a bookmark bag from her teacher in school, and thought they were very unique, so she decided to start making her own. You can use Isabella’s bookmarks to carry your book around like a bag! Stop by Isabella’s booth to check out her creations!​

More Information Coming Soon...

  • Scrunchie Munchies- Joseph, 8 years old

  • Anya's Earrings

  • Made with Love- Madelyn, 8 years old, and Olivia, 5 years old

  • Advik, Pranit, Rishi, Samvit- Magic for Muggles 

  • Evie and Jojo- Jewelry and Art

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