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Life Rediscovered is learning center for homeschoolers, and a community hub for the children, adults, families, and friends that participate in our various programs and events. In the 2021-2022 school year, we are proud to have served over 50 students through our full day programming, and hundreds more through our events and field trips! We are excited to be heading into our second school year! We are a group of learners rooted in traditional values, and founded in the pursuit of liberty and truth.


We believe that homeschooling is a beautiful path that strengthens families and allows learners the freedom and flexibility to learn in the style that suits them best. Our goal is to support families in their homeschool journey by not only providing quality day programming and enrichment classes, but also by providing support and resources for the larger homeschool community. 

By joining Life Rediscovered, you are not only investing into your child’s education. You are also joining a vibrant community of like-minded families, who all believe in the same core values of freedom, learning, and community.


Ada is a mother of three and strongly believes in creating the life you want to live. Ada created Life Rediscovered in the fall of 2021, envisioning a learning environment where children can be free to explore their interests with the loving support and encouragement of knowledgeable adults in the community. With a little planning, the right support, and a lot of faith, Ada found a space for the program to call home. Since September 2021, Life Rediscovered has been the home-base of a bright group of self-directed, inspired, and motivated homeschoolers. We hope to soon be able to expand to more locations, in order to be able to serve more families. 

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At Life Rediscovered, our mission is to create a welcoming and inspiring space for children and families to learn, grow, and connect. We believe in unlocking the talents and passions within each and every one of us, and we trust the process and path within. Through an open-minded and self-directed approach to education and life, we are molding the next generation of confident, resourceful, and passionate leaders and creators. 


We support homeschool families by providing inspiring, fun, and engaging full-day academic and social programming. We create community through our events, trips, and extracurricular classes. We support parents through our monthly support groups, "New to Homeschool" E-book, and our resource map (launching soon!)


Life Rediscovered is not only a learning center- it is a community hub. We believe it takes a village, and we are here to create that.

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Upcoming Events

  • "New to Homeschool" Parent Support Group
    Fri, Feb 17
    Life Rediscovered
    Feb 17, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
    Life Rediscovered, Westborough, MA, USA
    In-person and virtual support group for new and prospective homeschool parents
  • Childrens Business Fair
    Sun, Apr 02
    Boston Rhythmic
    Apr 02, 2:30 PM – Apr 03, 4:30 PM
    Boston Rhythmic, 290 Turnpike Rd, Westborough MA
    An exciting opportunity for young entrepreneurs to gain real like, first hand business experience!


Westborough MA

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