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Welcome to North Easton

Here at Life Rediscovered North Easton, we are so proud to call HTLC Church our home! The space features three rooms:


The Community Room is available for use by children ages 1-10, and their caretakers. The community room features plenty of art supplies, books, a sensory table, desks for children to work at, a cozy corner with a couch, beanbags, and pillows, a large desk for a parent or older child, a sitting area for parents, and a resource and units area for older children. The community space is designed for community and collaboration. Toys and materials are high-quality, open ended, and Montessori inspired. Our space is designed according to Montessori principles. It is clean, calm, and promotes independence in children of all ages. 


The Library is available for use by parents who wish to stay and work on-site, or older teenagers who may be tagging along. Come pour yourself a coffee and work, while your child is in our day programming, or at story hour in the community room! 


The Classroom is available for use by our day programming students. This is where we learn independently, as well as work together on various engaging units and projects. 


The Outdoor Space at HTLC Church is amazing- bring a scooter or bike to ride around the blacktop, play parachute games with us, explore the stone labyrinth, compete in relay races, or even go hiking in the 14 acres of wooded trails right in our back yard! There is so much to do outside! Next year we plan to install a playground, as well as garden beds to supplement our learning. 

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