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Welcome to our Schoolhouse!

Here at Life Rediscovered, we are so proud to provide our students with our very own quaint little schoolhouse! Our space is truly special- it gives our members the feeling of being at home. Our space is designed according to Montessori principles. It is clean, calm, and promotes independence in children of all ages. 

Our older group rules the downstairs, where they have a large meeting room, a smaller quiet study/parent room, a kitchen, and bathroom. The smaller study room is open to parents who wish to stay and co-work. Enjoy an organic coffee or tea in the quiet study/parent room while you work, and your children learn.


Our younger group is upstairs, where they have access to 3 rooms and a bathroom. We also have a "Mommy and Me" room upstairs with toys, a nap mat, and a desk, which is ideal for mothers with babies through age 1.5. 

We sit on a 1/2 acre yard featuring a garden, soccer goals, a basketball hoop, climbing dome, play house, and mud kitchen. Feel free to bring scooters along to use in our large paved area or ride down the ramp! 

Our space is also available for use by outside homeschool groups or tutors during the evenings or weekends. Please be in touch to learn more. 


Health, Safety, and Environmental Measures

At Life Rediscovered, we believe that the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are interconnected. The mind, spirit, and emotions cannot flourish if the body is not well taken care of.

We do our best to maintain a toxin-free environment through the following measures:

  • Using toxin-free and natural cleaning agents

  • No synthetic fragrances (essential oils are diffused instead)

  • Healthy, organic snacks served

  • We encourage students to bring healthy treats for birthdays

  • PureSolutions tick spraying (all natural, organic tick spraying)

  • We believe that barefoot feet are healthy feet, and we allow children to take their shoes off outside if they wish


We do our best to maintain a safe environment through the following measures:

  • All staff and volunteers are CORI checked

  • All staff are FirstAid and CPR trained

  • All staff are Epi-pen trained

We do our best to be environmentally conscious through our Take In Take Out Policy. Trash that comes to school in the lunchbox will be packed back into the lunchbox at the end of lunch. This not only helps us become more aware and conscious of our trash production, but gives parents a better sense of what their children ate during the day. We encourage reusable napkins, baggies, and containers to reduce our waste and impact on Mother Earth.​

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