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Homebirth and Homeschooling

Homebirth and Homeschooling

Homebirth and Homeschooling

Homebirth, and homeschooling… These two pictures meant a lot to me today.

I am so grateful we are a homeschool family. I am grateful to be home raising my children. I am grateful to spend so much time with them.

I’ve consciously made decisions and chosen life paths, careers, and opportunities that have allowed us to be able to pursue this journey and live this life. My vision and identity of being a mother, of raising my children, has been clear to me since I was in middle school.

No, we are not “lucky” we can homeschool. This has been a path almost a decade in the making- it wasn’t luck. I’ve said no to plenty of opportunities, material things, and lifestyle choices that would have taken me off of this path.

Today, while most kids were at school sitting behind a desk, my kids were home while my midwife came for a checkup. They helped with the Doppler and learned about postpartum care. They listened in on the conversations. Then the boys went outside to ride scooters with their dad. What a valuable family experience. How amazing to have the kids involved and present during these important family moments.

We homeschool so that the kids can learn through life, and so that our family unit can spend time together and be around each other.

A few hours later, I co-hosted our monthly “New to Homeschool” parent support group. This support group is part of the mission of Life Rediscovered. I talked about this moment and these blessings with parents who are just starting on their homeschool journey. I love supporting parents as they realize their power and freedom in raising and educating their own children. I could say a lot more, but today the blessings of homeschool were not lost on me

- By Ada Salie, homeschool mother of 4

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