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What It's All About

Home Education is not only about your student/s.

Home Education is not about finding that super user-friendly, bullet point, worksheets and go curriculum.

Home Education is not about finding what makes your life easier (on the surface) as teacher.

Home Education is not about finding the absolute best drop off program you can find (although those are nice and have their place).

Home Education is about us, as parents, being willing to become the student ourselves.

Home Education is about diving deeper into the curriculum and even deeper into parental resources.

Home Education is about taking the time now, in the younger years, to lay the foundation... Thus, making easier on the road ahead.

Home Education is about being by their side every step of the way, so they know Mom and Dad are the source of authority that they trust.. then letting them fly, knowing you have put the work in, when it's time to let them go.

Until then, we do what is "essential" as the Lead Learner. We come along side them. We do it with them. We embrace being a student and let go of being a teacher. That is where freedom is found in Home Education.

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