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North Easton
Spring Semester Registration Now Open!
March, April, May

Homeschoolers through Age 2- 13

Wednesdays and Thursdays


HTLC Church, North Easton

We are so excited to open up our second location at HTLC Church in North Easton this spring! Here at Life Rediscovered we are so passionate about creating community and supporting homeschool families. We have a VERY exciting new development for our North Easton location... in addition to our day programming for ages 7.5-13, we are SO excited to also offer a Homeschool Community Room for our members! 

Our beautiful new location features: a classroom for older children, a quiet study/library for use by parents or homeschoolers ages 13+, a community room, a commercial kitchen, a huge paved lot to ride scooters in, and over 14 acres of woods with miles of marked trails to explore. We are excited to eventually add a garden and playground as well!


Day Programming: Ages 7.5-13

  • March 2nd-May 25 (vacation April 27)

  • 10:00-2:30 (only 7 spots still available!)

  • Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Sliding scale tuition, $120-$285/month per child

Daily Schedule:

10:00-10:15 Arrival and Circle, morning journals, intentions

10:15-11:15 Independent Work

11:15-11:45 Snack and Recess Break

11:45-12:45 Unit Studies (4 classes each of STEM, herbology, and orienteering/mapping)

12:45-1:15 Lunch

1:15-2:15 Recess: hiking, outdoor play, riding scooters, board games, etc

2:15-2:30 Clean Up


And Now... Announcing our Community Room!

Open March 2nd-May 25 (vacation April 27)


Thursdays, potentially adding Wednesdays in April, based on interest

Imagine this space as a place for homeschoolers to gather and connect. Parents can lounge and chat, younger siblings can play, and families can come and utilize our many resources to aid their own homeschooling. This room will follow a monthly family membership model, and families can come and go as they choose.


...Maybe you want to meet other homeschool moms, sit for a coffee, while the kids do a craft with our staff.

...Maybe you have an older child who could benefit from some of our education materials.

...Maybe your children learn best when surrounded by other children.

...Or perhaps you would like to come in for a special workshop hosted in the Community Room!

Whatever your reason, our Community room is a place for connection, comraderie, and community. Our goal at Life Rediscovered is to foster community and connection between homeschoolers, and the Community Room will be a step in that direction. In the morning, our staff will host a story time and craft, and in the afternoons, children can either continue to utilize the room with their caretaker, or they are invited to join us outside for recess with our older group. By staffing the room and creating activities and opportunities for homeschoolers, our goal is to bring families together, have parents meet, and create a "homeschool home away from home" atmosphere :)

Materials, Toys, and Space at the Community Room:

  • Montessori inspired materials and toys

  • Homeschool curriculum, free to use

  • High quality books for both adults and kids

  • Couches, and a coffee/tea station for parents

  • A separate quiet library with working desks for parents or older siblings who wish to work in silence

  • Plenty of science kits, free for members

**Materials for the community room are made possible by donations, so if you have anything you'd like to donate, please let us know!**

Activities and Opportunities at the Community Room:

  • Morning circle and story time, lead by our staff

  • Morning arts and craft activity, lead by our staff

  • Various classes, offerings, and workshops from volunteers (calendar coming soon!)

  • Access to the outside trails and invitation to join our day-program kids in the afternoons


  • 1 day a week: $50/month per family of 1-3 kids 

  • 1 day a week: $75/month per family of 4+ kids 

  • 2 days a week: $100/month per family of 1-3 kids

  • 2 days a week: $150/month per family of 4+ kids

Families do NOT have to have a child enrolled in our day program in order to be members of the Community Room. 


Day Program Registration Form and Payment:

Community Room Membership From and Payment:


*If you have a child who will be participating in the day program, and your family would also like to utilize the community room or library, you will need to fill out both forms.

Disclaimer: We are a conservative group, and believe in traditional values, love of family, love of community, and love of country. We are here to cultivate a happy, non-partisan, secular, politics-free learning environment, where kids can be kids. By joining Life Rediscovered, you are not only investing into your child’s education- you are also joining a vibrant community of like-minded families who all believe in the same core values of faith, freedom, learning, and community.​ We look forward to exploring how Life Rediscovered can serve your family! 

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